A show about C.L.E.A.R. communication
A show about C.L.E.A.R. communication


More Than Words is a show about clear communication hosted by John Sanchez.

So far, among his first handful of episodes, John has interviewed:

  • The 25th most highly decorated U.S. military veteran in history πŸŽ–
  • A peak performance coach who broke records at Tony Robbins’ company  πŸ’΅
  • A leadership performance strategist who took the 3rd ranked female tennis pro from wanting to quit to winning the U.S. Open in just 5 months 🎾
  • A “fixer” (we call them coaches) who went from homeless to flying private ✈
  • Two body language and communication experts that Dr. Phil refers to as THE best in the world πŸ‘

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Who the show is for

Accounting and finance professionals (AFPs) are who I make this show for.

Why I created the show

To share what I have learned, and continue to learn, about communication.

What’s in it for you?

Knowledge and skills in the most critical areas of communication.

The Host

I’m your host John Sanchez. I’m a recovering accountant and communication skills trainer.

Years ago, when I was working as a Manager of Corporate Development at AutoNation Headquarters, several people pointed out to me that my communication with them was less than stellar.

I started working on myself and as a result of my self-development, I have been a sought after communication skills trainer for the last decade. Here are just a few of the clients I have had the privilege of training.

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When and Where to Find Episodes

New episodes drop every Friday. You’ll find them on YouTube and Spotify in video format and on a variety of audio platforms.

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