A show about C.L.E.A.R. communication
A show about C.L.E.A.R. communication

Christian Wattig

Christian Wattig is an energetic FP&A leader with 12+ years of experience at multinational consumer goods companies and fast-growing tech start-ups.
As an entrepreneur, he teaches FP&A skills to finance teams and business leaders via his live online course FP&A Bootcamp. He’s also Head of Training at Datarails.

Christian discovered his passion for teaching when he led the Finance Learning and Development team at Unilever, creating Finance courses for his colleagues. He earned his MBA at NYU Stern School of Business and lives with his wife and one-year old son in New York City.

You can find more information about Christian and what he does here http://fpaprep.com/course or http://linkedin.com/in/christian-wattig