A show about C.L.E.A.R. communication
A show about C.L.E.A.R. communication

Greg Hartley

Greg has merged two careers to create a unique skill set combining human behavior with how business should work.

He is a former Army interrogator, interrogation instructor, resistance to interrogation instructor, elicitation instructor and author of 10 books on body language and behavior.

Effective Operations and Business Transformation Executive who is visionary in establishing entitlement, building high performance teams, and delivering results through action. Stellar knowledge of human behavior and expert in delivering messages through any platform. Proven communicator in front of a camera, in print, or in front of an audience, large or small.

Business Management and Business Transformation experience across a broad band of industries including; HVAC, Refrigeration, Elevators, Security Technology, and Building Automation in the front line and manufacturing.

Specialties: Business Transformation; Corporate Development; Productivity, Operational Excellence; Divestitures; Strategic Planning; Change Management; Organizational Management; Developing and Leading High Performance Teams; Mentoring; Risk Management; Systems Design and Implementation; Leading Diverse Remote Teams; Consulting; Working in a Classified Environment.

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