A show about C.L.E.A.R. communication
A show about C.L.E.A.R. communication

Yousef Badou

Yousef Badou founded his company, Emergence, to provide first-in-class threat prevention training to security leaders and organizations in a wide variety of industries. From houses of worship and school teachers, to every alphabet agency (think CIA, FBI, etc.) out there to include the United States Special Operations Command. With the recent rollout of the S.A.F.E (situational awareness for employees) virtual training™ program, this can finally be provided at scale to all sizes of organizations in need of threat prevention.

In the conversation we had on the podcast, Yousef provided some valuable insights about how to use the skills he learned in the Marine Corp. to use situational awareness in business, not just emergencies. We talked about how to use the skills he teaches to identify the real influencers and decision makers in any situation. That could be the difference between making or breaking your communication.

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